Center for the Visual and Performing Arts
    Munster, IN
    Exhibition: September 16- October 28, 2012
    Juror: Daniel Schulman

    Exhibiting: Nine Dimensions, The Dance,
    Underworld Guides

    Underworld Guides won the Merit Award

  • Hello citizens of the OPP Universe...

    You asked us to make it simpler to quickly update your Home Page Image -- so that you can keep that Home Page looking freshly-baked. Now you can choose any piece of art on your website to be your Home Page Image -- no need to upload twice! If you want a special Home Page Image that's not visible elsewhere -- simply add it to your Artwork section, checking the "hide this piece" box at the bottom of the page. Both visible and hidden artworks can be set as your Home Page Image, so this will do the trick!

    We're always working to keep OPP's sites using current Internet "best practices," so to keep your site up-to-date, you'll also notice that "Image Settings" has been charged a bit. As you're no doubt aware, a rapidly growing amount of web-traffic is from phones, tablets, etc. and these mobile devices generally don't support Flash images. If you choose not to share your images, OPP has a new option for you, which prevents right-click downloading, but still allows your art to be visible on your buddy's phone and your lady friend's iPad!

    Also, we're wiki-leaking that you'll be seeing a HUGE update soon -- and to prep for this everyone's OPP site now has our new higher-res Zoom Images. This allows your your viewers to see juicy, hi-res images at near full-screen size when they click on your art. If you don't want to use this feature (...though we don't know why anyone wouldn't like bigger images! Did you forget to de-dust your lens?) simply upload your work at the low-res 640 x 480 size and no Zooms will be enabled.

    Go check out our Tutorial Videos on YouTube and Tutorial Videos on Vimeo. They are chock-full of tips, tricks and nutty goodness.

    iPhone/iPad compatibility

    We've had a few questions lately about how to make OPP sites iPhone/iPad compatible. No worries, it's easy!

    First, be sure you are using an HTML skin. Secondly, just be sure your "Normal Image Settings" are set to 'Public (HTML)' as opposed to 'Protected (Flash)' --- since Flash isn't supported by Apple.

    What, you're already done?! Welcome to the 21st century!

    Note on Zoom Images:

    Zooms can't show up on iPads/iPhones, since their screens are too small. If you're not using Zoom Images at all, you should really think about enabling them, since it allows viewers to see your images in so much more lovely detail! If you're worried about image theft, just use our handy-dandy built in watermarks. Our "Zoom Images" section make it all super-easy!